YMCA Birmingham calls on political candidates to take on national YMCA manifesto recommendations

May 11, 2017

Local youth charity, YMCA Birmingham is calling on local political candidates to listen to the voices of young people who have been given a platform in this year’s General Election through a national YMCA manifesto.

YMCA Birmingham which supports thousands of young people across Birmingham and Solihull has given its backing to the national YMCA manifesto that lists more than 40 recommendations for the next government, all inspired by consultations with young people across the country.

The recommendations cover a diverse range of subjects that matter to young people today, including access to housing, mental health support, apprenticeships and physical health and well-being.

Alan Fraser, Chief Executive of YMCA Birmingham, said: “Only 43% of young people voted in the last General Election and, as such, young people’s voices can be easily ignored by political candidates and decision-makers.

“We’re backing this manifesto because it puts young people back at the centre of political debate, ensuring that the issues that matter most to them are highlighted in the run-up to 8 June.

“Young people have the most to gain – and the most to lose – from the policies of any future government and that is why we’re calling on our local candidates to put YMCA’s recommendations front and centre of their policies in the coming years.”

YMCA Birmingham runs a range of services in Birmingham and Solihull including housing support, substance abuse support and back to work programmes in association with local job centres. It is part of a nationwide YMCA federation of 116 local charities that, combined, works across 740 communities and supports 630,000 people.


Young people are also being encouraged to register to vote ahead in the General Election by the Monday 22 May deadline. Visit www.gov.uk/register-to-vote