3 June 2020

Birmingham and Coventry are diverse communities with a rich fusion of different cultures. At YMCA Heart of England, we are proud to be part of those communities and strive to inspire all young people to discover their full potential, so that they can live life in all its fullness. Racism has no place at our YMCA or elsewhere. We stand alongside Kevin Washington and all of our colleagues in YMCA of the USA, and elsewhere, in working towards a better tomorrow.

We recognise that this is a time of great anguish for many of our colleagues, residents, customers and people in the wider community who face discrimination and injustice based on the colour of their skin. As a charity founded on Christian values we believe such injustice is not acceptable.

In accordance with its Christian values, YMCA across the world is clear that it stands for:

  • a worldwide fellowship based on the equal value of all persons
  • respect and freedom for all; tolerance and understanding between people of different opinions
  • active concern for the needs of the community
  • united effort by Christians of different traditions


We are committed to doing whatever we can to make YMCA Heart of England a safe and affirming place for everyone, where they can flourish and live life in all its fullness, regardless of the colour of their skin.

We encourage you to read Kevin’s statement here: https://www.ymca.net/news-releases/hurt-but-hopeful-my-perspective-on-whats-happening-in-our-country

Revd. Alan Fraser

Group Chief Executive, YMCA Heart of England.