YMCA Birmingham at the heart of building better lives programme

YMCA Birmingham, has recently been awarded a grant of over £1m, which will help build 27 self-contained flats. The funding has been secured through the Heart of England Community Foundation’s ‘Building Better Lives’ Programme and will provide interim accommodation for individuals living in supported accommodation who are ready to move on to live more independently.



YMCA Birmingham appoint youngest ever member to board of trustees

A young person supported by YMCA Birmingham has this year been appointed to the board of trustees. Gabriel Imevbore, 22, came to YMCA Birmingham after a family relationship breakdown meant he was homeless and was placed in emergency accommodation. YMCA Birmingham gave Gabriel the home he needed.



We need to talk about… Safeguarding Adult Reviews

If you were found dead in the street you might expect that there would be a full investigation. I imagine that most of us would want to know that lessons were learned so that our death, however tragic, was not in vain. Perhaps you imagine teams of concerned social workers and police officers trawling through…