Body image anxiety is causing young people to isolate themselves, consider drastic changes to their appearance and develop mental health difficulties. The Be Real Campaign’s mission is to change attitudes to body image and help all of us put health above appearance and be confident in our bodies.

YMCA England & Wales has produced a toolkit for schools because, in order to tackle body confidence later in life, it is essential that it begins from an early age. Secondary schools are a key setting for young people to discuss and challenge body confidence issues, with both teachers and students playing an important role in how this happens. You can download the toolkit here.

We want to support this work, by helping schools to tackle the most difficult event in their calendar for young peoples’s self esteem.

Our Prom Packages for Be Real Schools are geared around supporting young people to be body confident, and helping schools to create a positive Prom atmosphere in which their young people can flourish.


For more information on how to become a Be Real School, or holding a Be Real Prom, please contact us on 0121 478 4245 or click here.