Hand in Hand Day Nursery Erdington is a modern, private setting that offers compassionate and professional care for children in a fun learning environment. We cater for ages 0-5, and our opening hours are 7.30am – 6pm. We offer a range of times and sessions because we know flexibility is important to both parents and children.

The nursery is located in Erdington. Our brand new facility is close to Erdington’s six ways island, so we’re convenient for commuting and local parents alike.

Dedicated Baby Room (ages 0-2)

We understand that babies need special care and attention. That’s why we have a separate room just for them. Big windows, natural light, bright walls and beautiful toys. Your little ‘crawlers’ are kept safe and happy in a secure area of their own.


Our main concern in the baby room is the transition from home to nursery care. As a result, all of the babies are given close, individual attention, (including lots of cuddles)!

The room also has clean, new cots for sleeping and a learning plan specially designed for children aged 0-2.

Bambinos (ages 2-3)

The bambinos room offers special play zones, a reading corner and a sleeping zone.


Having learnt about interaction with their peers, we help the children to extend their vocabulary. We do this using singing, conversation and storytelling. This is because want children to be comfortable and forward in expressing themselves. As a result, they’ll become confident with other children as well as with adults.

The staff at this stage concentrate their planning on providing enjoyable activities with learning outcomes. As part of this, the children will have plenty of indoor and outdoor play!

Pre-School (ages 3-5)

Our pre-school at Hand in Hand Nursery, Erdington is a large and spacious. You’ll find play zones and a dedicated learning classroom.


Here your children will learn independence and good manners. We encourage a good standard of behaviour that is considerate to others and their environment. We know that they’re going to be making the transition to school now, which is why we’ll begin to formalise their routines during their time at pre-school.

This is when independence and self-awareness become more prevalent. Consequently, you’ll watch your children grow to believe in themselves and what they are capable of.


Woodlands Play Area

We encourage the children to access our fantastic outdoor play area every day. There are plenty of opportunities for exploration, and we encourage regular exercise.  We grow plants and vegetables which enable the children to plant, plot and feed their own ingredients in order to cook up a healthy tea using their own harvest.

Hand in Hand Nursery Erdington

301 Reservoir Road
B23 6DF

0121 478 4237

Manager: Gary Jeffries