The Chaplaincy service at YMCA Birmingham aim is to serve the whole of our YMCA community, putting the association’s vision into practice. YMCA Birmingham chaplaincy provides pastoral, emotional and spiritual support to staff, residents and service users across the charity. Although YMCA is a Christian organisation, our chaplaincy services are available to people of all faiths or noon. Our most important role is simply being there for staff, residents and anyone no matter what their spiritual beliefs, religion, faith, background, circumstance or whatever difficulties they are facing, we are here to simply help. The pastoral support we provide is confidential and non-judgemental.

YMCA Birmingham’s vision is to be a Christian charity where:

  • People can come as they are
  • Be met at their point of need
  • And come to know life in all its fullness

What We Offer

Listening – Provide Independent and confidential listening ears
Worship – Weekly staff fellowship and prayers
Spirituality – Help in exploring issues of spirituality and life

Get in Touch

If you would like to talk to someone about the deeper issues in life or simply needing a listening ear.

Or are you interested in volunteering with the chaplaincy team

Or you are a church or faith organisation and you would like to work with YMCA Birmingham please contact our Chaplain


M: 07855 179 055