YMCA Birmingham is registered as an approved Main Provider for apprenticeship training.  We currently provide apprenticeship delivery within the housing sector as well as tailored leadership apprenticeships.

Housing Apprenticeships

YMCA Birmingham is approved to deliver Level 2, 3 and 4 Housing Apprenticeships as a Main Provider as part of the new Apprenticeship Standards.  Our Apprenticeships focus on learning in the workplace and offer a tailored approach to developing job specific skills within the housing sector.  All our apprenticeships as assessed by the Chartered Institute of Housing.  Our staff are on hand to guide employers and learners through the apprenticeship process. For more information please get in touch via the contact box below.

Leadership Apprenticeships

Our approach to leadership apprenticeships focuses on supporting the unique organisational requirements of each employer and each scenario.  We work in partnership with organisations to ensure apprentices at all levels develop the knowledge and skills that are directly relevant to their unique needs.

We can also help identify management and leadership development needs and recommend the best mix of apprenticeships to meet them.  We believe apprenticeships provide a fantastic opportunity to instill organisational culture and improve staff retention, which delivers long lasting return on investment. For more information please get in touch via the contact box below.